I recently got some blank facecharts from MyKitCo and was Extremely excited about it!

That excitement was short lived when I discovered that my artistic skills are not quite as fine tuned as my makeup skills.

Turns out I can’t draw eyebrows or eyelashes lol however it has spurred me on to tackle my eyebrow phobia and I’ve booked myself in to do a Henna Brows course next week. Possibly a mistake as I imagine I will be partnered up with someone and we will practice on each other, even using taupe on my fair eyebrows scares me so I can guarantee you I will be very upset this time next week!

One thing this week that definitely is exciting is I’ve designed a consultation book for myself and it’s currently being printed. And just to highlight what a stationery geek I really am, the pages are going to be perforated so I can pop them into my wedding files with minimal effort. I do have to thank the House of Glamdolls as I used a couple of their images to put on them as they are by far the coolest face chart and colour wheel I’ve seen, don’t worry, David Horne said he was happy for the images to be used 😁

I should get it in time for my next wedding trial on the 14th, this may be the start of my own Chunk Beauty stationery line lol.

Love and Sparkles 🦄

For more information regarding Wedding Makeup in Kent drop me an email at chunkbeauty@outlook.com

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Mother of 2 girls under 4 and a freelance MUA

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