So I’ve just come back from my 3 day intensive Master Eyes Makeup Artistry Course at House of Glamdolls in London. Three days of playing with makeup and three days of crashing at a friend’s house so NO CHILDREN! It was lovely lol so relaxing! I would go as far to say that I missed them by the end of it though and I definitely missed my hubby.

David Horne, who ran the course, is just the most fantastic teacher. On the two occasions that I’ve trained at House of Glamdolls he has managed to blow my mind, not necessarily a difficult thing to do but it is a rare thing. On day 1 we weren’t allowed to use colour, we were working solely in black and white so that we could focus on blending.

Amazing how the shape of the eye can change depending on the placement of the shadow

I of course picked the hottest time ever to be in London. I was a sweaty mess the entire three days! What baffles me is how no one else looks like they are visibly melting and I look like a Salvador Dali in human form. Thankfully I kept finding items of my children’s clothes in my handbag to mop up the sweat. One thing I’d forgotten about being in London is the joy of having your face in someone’s armpit when travelling on the tube, people severely disregard the concept of personal space. I contemplated licking one particular person to try and make a point but thankfully I thought better of it. I’ve now invested in something amazing called Magicool which is a cold spray which will hopefully help cool me down when I’m working in the studio.

Sorry, I digress! I highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a makeup artist to attend House of Glamdolls, even if you already are one because I can almost guarantee you that you will leave armed with knowledge that you will struggle to find anywhere else. The problem I have now is the amount of things I want to buy to put into practice the new things I’ve learnt.

The last day I think was the most fun as we were learning Instagram Cut Crease style makeup. I was almost completely happy with my finished result but the blue side didn’t go as well as as the orange.

Definitely need to work on it but happy with my first go

My partner for the 3rd day was this lovely lady from Brazil. Throughout the three days I was trying to decide who she reminded me of and then I put my finger on it….. For anyone who has seen the series Killing Eve, she really reminds me of Villanelle! Without the murdering side of course, well hopefully lol Delightfully quirky and endearing.

Back to reality now anyway and I’m just packing up my kit to head out to the studio and see what lovely ladies today brings.

Love and Sparkles 🦄

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Mother of 2 girls under 4 and a freelance MUA

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