This has been the first week since going Freelance that I’ve not worked.  I’m so completely confused as to what the day is! Technically I was meant to be working on Monday but the client was a no show which was so disappointing, particularly since it was confirmed with them the day before. I’d like to think that they didn’t put any thought into the fact that them not turning up means that people don’t get paid otherwise that would evoke a completely different emotion.

Inconsiderate people aside, it’s been a good week in terms of being a grown up! I’ve shampooed my carpets and cleaned bathrooms, and the extra time I’ve had means that I had time to enter another look into a competition to work as an assistant at London Fashion Week for House of iKons. The closing date was yesterday so hoping to find out the short list soon and from that short list, two people will be picked to attend.

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”

Tom Bodett

Failing that, I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity to work backstage at Goodwood doing vintage hair and makeup for four days! Only downside to that is that I would need to sleep in a tent…. I despise camping. I genuinely don’t see the attraction. Last time I went camping I had to use a tree as a toilet, I know that there should at least be toilets this time but does anyone consider the increased chance of being robbed or killed? Dramatic I know but the whole thing really does baffle me.

So, to creating curves.

Since I’ve been working with Images Unlimited, I’m finding a common theme that people are unsure as to why there is a need for contouring. They see the extreme versions of it on Instagram (or on a night out!) and it scares them so I’ve started to try and explain it in a simple way in the hope that it may make the whole concept less scary and also demonstrate a softer way of doing it.

When you’ve put your foundation on, what you are essentially doing is making your face a pancake and you need to put the curves back into your face. When you contour something you are pushing a feature backwards and when you highlight, you bring it forwards. Using your cheek as an example, you can contour using a matte bronzer starting from the middle of your ear going into the hollow of your cheek but going in no further than the start of your eye.

Your highlighter doesn’t have to be a blinding dramatic streak of light on your face, if you can find a nice soft Rose Gold highlighter it’s a really nice suit all skin tone colour and just pop it along the top of the cheek bone, this when combined with the contour creates a lovely curve on the cheek. 

Once you have grasped the concept of pushing features backwards and bringing features forward, then you are able to carry out corrective contouring and won’t just blindly follow a one size fits all Instagram tutorial. If you have a long/pointy nose then don’t put a line of highlighter down the centre of it because you will just make it stand out even more! You’re welcome.  

Love and Sparkles 🦄

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