It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’d like to say I’ve been busy but I genuinely don’t know what I’ve been busy doing lol

My eldest Chunk started school at the beginning of the month and my life now seems consumed with school drop off/pick up and constantly questioning if people like me and if I actually care. It’s like being back at school again trying to work out where I fit in, unfortunately I never really did feel like I fitted in anywhere so I don’t imagine for a second this will be any different.

I attended the PTFA (What does the F stand for?) AGM last week and left the meeting as the parent Rep for Reception, the Editor for the Facebook page and having promised to make 2 trophies for the Halloween disco…… I knew I should have stayed home lol it did mean that a couple of new people said hello to me this morning though. You would think that at the ripe old age of 37 that I wouldn’t still be constantly seeking approval from people, and certainly if you met me you really wouldn’t think that I care in the slightest but it’s definitely there.

Hannah and Rohit’s Wedding

I had the honour of doing my lovely cousins makeup last month. It was good to use my Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette rather than the usual browns and taupes.

I always feel cheeky offering my services to family instead of a wedding present lol.

It’s been quite quiet in the studio lately so not much to share but I’m still loving every client makeover that I get to do. As well as the Boudoir shoots there is also plans to do teenage makeovers which I find a much scarier prospect, particular in this world of Instaglam I expect that I will have to manage their expectations of what the outcome will be as I’m not going to do a full on cut crease masterpiece on a 13 year old as I don’t think it’s appropriate and seeing as I only have 45 mins to do both the hair and the makeup it’s just not going to happen!

The most exciting news I have lately is that I’ve secured a temporary role as a Christmas Elf!! I’m so excited! Lol This is potentially the only year I’ll ever be able to do it as I previously have always had a full time job so I’m grabbing the opportunity with both hands. The only downside is that the contract says minimal makeup and I had fully intended to go full on Elf with glitter and rosy cheeks. Wondering just how strict they’re going to be with that!

The interview process was hilarious though as there were some proper grumpy old men waiting to interview for Santa and my attempts at banter was thwarted at every turn.

I spent Monday attempting to create a Facechart for a friendly competition I’m entering at House of Glamdolls. The theme is Glamaween. Unfortunately I still suck at Facechart’s and I’m struggling with inspiration, however, if I don’t enter I definitely won’t win and I wouldn’t get to go on a little jolly with my niece to London so I’m doing it. My niece is kindly lending me her face as my model for the comp and I’m really looking forward to showing her the studio at Glamdolls.

I’ll aim to have less of a gap between posts next time!

Love and Sparkles 🦄

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