It’s looking like it’s starting to get busy in the studio since I’ve taken over the bookings which is great, hopefully I can keep it up so I can carry on Freelancing rather than having to back to a ‘normal’ job. I need to step up my marketing for my non studio work which is easier said than done when I don’t know a great deal about marketing. I have actually written a marketing plan (I may have written a couple lol) but it’s all very well having a plan but thinking up the content is proving difficult! Az, the photographer that I work with, has been fantastic and said that I can call him anytime to talk through ideas and such but I have no ideas πŸ™ˆ

A recent studio client ❀️

I have my Elf training next week 😁 I got sent through a presentation about what to expect and it included some images of the ‘uniform’ lol I’m going to look like a fat jester lol

I think I’m starting to get the hang of the school run now. There’s a little trio of us that tend to walk down together which is nice although it’s hard on the days where I’m not feeling quite as friendly but I’m trying really hard not to go full on Lorraine on them, not sure they’re ready for that yet! When I’m not in a friendly mood my remarks can be extremely cutting, most of the time I won’t mean them and am joking (I find myself hilarious) but I often find people staring at me trying to decide if I’m joking or not. If you know me and you’re reading this, trust me, there is a 99% chance I’m just joking.

The lovely Kerrie off to a friend’s wedding. She also let me have a go at her hair!

I spent yesterday morning doing the lovely Shannon’s makeup for her big day. I love the buzz of wedding preparations and this was no exception with the kids running around excited for their parents wedding day and Shannon’s Mum helping to get things ready whilst waiting for her makeup and trying to keep the kids busy so that their Mum can have her makeup done lol

Shannon and her Mum both looked stunning and the boys in their suits looked awesome! Typically I forgot to get a pic of Shannon’s Mum but hopefully I’ll get a couple sent over to me ☺️

Driving home I had remnants of foundation on my hand which kept distracting me as Shannon and I have very different skin tone lol

I’ll catch you all up on how my Elf training goes next week lol

Love and Sparkles πŸ¦„

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